Climax series advanced to professional baseball Pacific League Seibu 3rd place | NHK Saitama news

Professional baseball and the Pacific League have finished all regular season schedules.
Orix won the championship for the second year in a row, and Seibu advanced to the Climax Series in 3rd place.

In Seibu’s ninth year, Hodaka Yamakawa hit 41 home runs and won the home run king for the third time in three years.
Yamakawa scored 90 RBIs and became the RBI king for the first time.
Yamakawa said through the team, “I’m happier than the past two awards. I’ve been struggling for the past two years, and I’m very happy to be able to take the title at the end even though I’m suffering. Home run king. I am particular about , and I have worked hard to get it. I will do my best to continue this year’s results next year and beyond.”
Regarding his first RBI king, he said, “I couldn’t win the title when I gave 120 RBIs three years ago, but it’s strange that I got it with 90 RBIs this year. It’s my first RBI king. It’s an award I’ve always wanted, so I’m very happy. My goal is to hit more than 100 RBIs every year.”
Also, in the pitcher category, the best middle pitcher was Seibu’s second-year pitcher Yoshinobu Minakami and fifth-year pitcher Kaiba Taira, both of whom scored 35 hold points and won for the first time.
Taira said, “At the end, I was forced to win the title. Thank you. I’m honestly happy with the title. I’m happy that I got it together with Mr. Mizukami. I think it was Mr. Mizukami who won the award alone without being able to win. I am grateful for Mr. Mizukami’s kindness.”
Mizukami said, “I would like to thank the manager and coaches for giving me the opportunity to pitch in such an important situation. I’m glad. If there is an award ceremony off, can I go with Taira?”

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