Closing kindergartens? It’s too late for a hard lockdown, thinks billionaire Karel Janeček

The current situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic is not improving in the Czech Republic and the numbers are alarming. That is why the current issue is the deployment of a hard lockdown, which the government is currently considering. Education Minister Robert Plaga even spoke about the closure of kindergartens. However, according to mathematician and shareholder Karel Janeček, it is too late for stricter measures. According to him, the state risks an economic catastrophe.

In connection with the huge number of positive tests for coronavirus in the Czech Republic, which, despite the regulations introduced so far, is still spreading rapidly, the government is considering a hard lockdown, and there is also talk of closing kindergartens. But how in an interview for Message list claims billionaire Karel Janeček, such a measure would have been important in the past. According to him, however, the government missed its opportunity at that time.

Sharp lockdown is not a reality today

“It is very sad that the state has totally wasted the opportunity for a certain commitment and dedication,” Janeček said in an interview with Seznam Zprávy, pointing out that the best months for a hard lockdown were the first months of the epidemic in the Czech Republic. “It simply came to our notice then. The situation was not aggravated, extreme measures were taken. And then there was simply no energy left to move on, ”he continued.

“And in fact, what some scientists are calling for, and that would be a short-term sharp lockdown and then a possible loosening, is not a reality today. This could have been a reality in the past if the first opportunity had not been missed. But it just doesn’t work today, “he explained what he thought of the lockdown.

Who will save us?

According to Janeček, the issue of lockdown brings with it mainly devastating consequences for the economy. “Now it’s not a short-term freeze on economies, and now it’s a situation where we risk an economic catastrophe. Simply put: the debts that are rising are no longer Greece that will be saved by the European Union. But who will save us? Yes. What will happen to currencies? ” Janeček asked rhetorically and presented various scenarios of the future that arouse fear and horror.

“It is possible to imagine real scenarios of development, which are catastrophic, when currencies lose value and people simply will not have a livelihood. And then when we add up these consequences, which will cost people’s lives, it is still of a completely different order than the whole covid, “the businessman introduced his thoughts.

A turning point for our civilization

The coronavirus has hit the whole world. The disease, which most people thought would disappear as quickly as it appeared, has plagued planet Earth for more than a year. “There is a historical turning point in history,” Janeček thinks. “The result will be that either ‘we will not give it,’ we will be destroyed and bankrupt as a human civilization. That is one variant. Then I see another worse variant, and that is that we would live in some enslaved system – some totalitarianism, “the businessman shared his thoughts.

But he also talked about the third option, which he believes in and in which he himself invested his capital and energy. “It simply came to our notice then. It is a variant of the world where people live with freedom and responsibility, mutual respect and friendship and can create together. It is actually something that we as a company have a chance to jump to now, “said Janeček.

According to Janeček, the coronavirus forced people to face their fears, thus being able to build a certain immunity. “So I hope that the coronavirus works as a kind of vaccine, as a vaccine against human stupidity and human fears,” added Karel Janeček.


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