closures of two schools after controversial video challenge

Students in Libreville (photo illustration).

© (RFI / Yves-Laurent Ngoma)
Students in Libreville (photo illustration).

The Minister of National Education, Patrick Mouguiama Daouda, on Friday evening, January 29, ordered the closure of the only technical high school in Libreville and the college of Owendo following violence caused by a controversial challenge.

With our correspondent in Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

The story started at the end of last week. Students have posted videos on social networks that they consider to be harmful to good morals. The videos were shot as part of a challenge involving several countries.

It’s to the sound of this music [écouter le son joint, NDLR] that the students of several colleges and high schools in Libreville have shot short videos at the origin of the anger of the Minister of National Education. Alone or in small groups, students in school uniforms have shown that they know how to move their buttocks. Choreographies deemed obscene by the minister, shot in classrooms. The most shocking video was shot by teenage girls at a private college. They showed off their breasts as a gift to the blogosphere.

The images quickly made the rounds on social networks. The Minister of National Education has ordered the holding of disciplinary councils to temporarily or permanently exclude their authors.

The students of the Omar-Bongo national technical school were presented to the Libreville court on Friday. Their comrades felt that they were victims of an injustice since the students of other high schools did not suffer the same fate. On Friday, they staged a raid on Owendo Middle School to catch the students who also allegedly shot the problematic videos. Serious clashes followed. Riot police intervened. In the evening, the Minister of National Education ordered the closure of the two establishments until further notice.

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