“Clothes are too perfect” “Perfect for vaccines” Sugi-chan’s inoculation report received 140,000 likes: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On August 28, 2021, Sugi-chan, a comedian known for the deciding line of “Wild,” reported that he had been vaccinated with the first new coronavirus vaccine.

The tweet that reported the vaccination in “Sugi-chan tone” received a great deal of feedback online. Why on earth?

  • Sugi-chan (taken in 2012)

    Sugi-chan (taken in 2012)

  • Sugi-chan's Tweet

    Sugi-chan’s Tweet

  • Sugi-chan (taken in 2012)
  • Sugi-chan's Tweet

“Is it fashion that was ahead of the times …”

“I went for the first vaccination.”

Sugi-chan reported that she had been vaccinated on this day, along with a photo of herself getting an injection.

Sugi-chan recalls the feeling at the time of inoculation, saying, “It didn’t hurt at all when I stabbed it or when I put the vaccine in.” “I hear that when I listen to everyone’s story, my arm hurts and I get a fever from night, so I’m sorry,” he said, worried about future side reactions. I’m glad I hit it because it’s safer to stay at home. “

This tweet that simply reported vaccination in “Sugi-chan tone”. In fact, by the 30th, it has received 24,000 retweets and 143,000 likes.

The user focused on the appearance of Sugi-chan in the photo.

On this day, Sugi-chan gave an injection in a sleeveless denim jumper, a costume as an entertainer. In this vaccination, it is desirable to wear clothes that make it easy for the striker to give an injection. Sugi-chan’s costume was perfect for vaccination.

On Twitter, “It’s perfect for vaccines” “I’m wearing good clothes” “The clothes are too perfect” “Is it a fashion that was ahead of the times …” “There is too much foresight w” Such a reaction. Some people said, “I will follow Sugi-chan and face her sleevelessly.”


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