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CloverWorks original anime Tokyo 24-ku would have a terrible production – Kudasai

As the new original anime from the studios CloverWorks, Tokyo 24-ku (Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward), is approaching its premiere on January 5, the chief animation director, Kiminori Itou, has been relating his pessimistic thoughts about the production of the anime on his Twitter account. Not only has he candidly stated that production is considerably overdue, he has also sadly predicted an animation breakdown in future episodes.

The red flags began on October 24, shortly after the anime was officially announced. The author commented that it was part of the production, and later that day he wrote “CloverWorks has three series in the works for January. The fact that Tokyo 24-ku (Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward) was announced last is because their calendar is the most backward I guess“.

Itou’s posts became progressively more pessimistic in November. On November 1, he wrote: “You’ll see this happen all the time in recent anime: Designs will be featured, and the episode director will go ahead with design checks, but there is no animation director.(The role of an animation director is to make sure the animation looks consistent with the character design templates, redrawing the frames if necessary).

The next day, he wrote: “I’m aboard a sinking ship! We are about to sink! Hahaha“. The next day: “I have participated in a lot of work with low quality drawings, but it seems that this time I am about to experience an animation crisis… I am only half joking“.

On November 15, he wrote: “The schedule sucks (poop emoji), which reminds me of the dark history of CloverWorks (formerly A-1 Pictures Koenji): Qualidea Code (sic)“. A-1 Pictures produced the anime Quality Code, which premiered in 2016. Itou also made a sarcastic post: «* In a state of enlightenment * Don’t worry, we can always outsource key animation, intermediate animation, painting and compositing abroad!». Another of his sarcasms says the following «A chief animation director leads a leisurely life, a glass of wine in one hand while making light and easy adjustments to just the faces. There was a time when I thought like this».

On November 30, he wrote: «It’s really hard, man. I’m going to die». On December 10, he provided a clear update on the status of the production, saying that episode 1 still has incomplete designs, with another 20 cuts that need to go through the chief animation director. On December 17, he wrote: «Leave it already! I have no life!». On December 19, he again referred to a production crisis: «When is the animation going to degrade? It’s the job I’m currently doing!»On December 21, he noted that even the first episode features a group of animators who were added at the last minute to avoid a total collapse. His most recent post allusive to the production is from last December 21, when he published a photo of himself lying on the studio floor with the comment: «I’m camping here tonight».

Sinopsis de Tokyo 24-ku

The story is set on an artificial island known as “District 24”. In that place live three friends who have known each other since childhood: Ran, Koki and Shuta. The three of them have different social positions, hobbies, and personalities, but they are always together. However, your relationships will change drastically after a certain incident. In a commemorative ceremony a year after the aforementioned incident, the three meet again and all their phones begin to ring at the same time. The phone call is from a friend who they thought was dead, urging them to “choose the future.” This is how each of them will believe in their own way of doing things to protect the future of the people of District 24.

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