Club Brugge freewheels to victory and increases lead to 15 points | Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021

“I watched a lot of Ronaldo videos”, Van der Brempt chuckled during the half time interview.

The 18-year-old Bruges talent was given a basic place and was not disappointed. After 8 minutes he took out his bag of tricks against De Norre, the 1-0 was fine.

Club Brugge and OH Leuven also signed for an attractive first half. With an open mind, things went well back and forth, although both teams were a bit too sloppy and both goalkeepers were unemployed for a long time.

In the end of the first half, Club pushed on for a while. Romo dived into Chong’s feet, hit (first) the Bruges infiltrator and the ball.

Ref Boterberg had seen enough and put the ball after that mishmash, all in all understandable on the dot, despite the Leuven grumbling.

Vormer put Club Brugge on roses and could have closed the game completely a few minutes later, but 3-0 halfway through would have been a bit too flattered for an efficient leader.

Anyone who thought that OHL could make a fist after the break was left disappointed. The second part was a measure for nothing, also because of the calm mastery of the competition leader.

Club Brugge finished the game with their fingers in the nose. At no point was it embarrassed, the fixed values ​​were not missed and Mata put the icing on the cake in the extra time.

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