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Clubhouse, a social platform for exchanging ideas and chatting. which has been very popular in the past After receiving continued feedback, Clubhouse is accelerating the development of the app to make it more accessible to people on multiple devices. as well as constantly updating the application

Recently, Clubhouse’s Twitter posted a message that it will add Spatial Audio, which adds depth and realism to the sounds we hear. Whether it’s the direction or the intensity of the sound, Spatial Audio is usually a feature on Apple devices, Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, that can simulate the direction of the sound we hear in addition to the left-right split.

Adding this feature will allow us to distinguish the voices of people in chat rooms. Previously, we would be able to distinguish from that person’s voice, but Spatial Audio will help separate the direction of that voice as if we were talking in a room. If anyone wants to understand more about Spatial Audio, you can read our article.

Spatial Audio Article :

Now, Clubhouse says it’s in development and will gradually Release this feature to use. On the Android side, we have to be patient for a while.


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