“Clubs are drowning and people are raising their voices because they can’t take it anymore”

Member of the driving force behind the platform Enough is enough. Former player and former coach of Bisbal, a club where it is a whole institution, and teacher in Palamós, is one of the promoters of the platform that claims that the sport is safe and demands an end to the restrictions that have closed, for example, since Thursday , pavilions and gyms.

Modest sport has said that “enough is enough” and has spoken out against the restrictions imposed by the Generalitat, which since Thursday, for example, only allows the practice in open spaces and continues to veto territorial competitions and basic. The protest platform was made public on Tuesday, and has since been close to 10,000 adherents to its manifesto.
Did they expect so much support or were they surprised by their convening power?
We hoped to forge alliances and synergies with small clubs, but the truth is that we are pleasantly surprised by the flight that the movement has taken and the drive it brings. And also that it has become transversal, that neither the territories nor the sports disciplines matter, but it is a unanimous cry.
How was the idea born?
It is born from the exchange of feelings of helplessness and bitterness of the people who are at the foot of the canyon, with the tracksuit on, in the offices of small clubs, in the stands … talking to the people of the sport base and amateur. There was an exchange of whatsapps and the conviction that we had to do something and raise our voices. We created a first working group and here we are, fighting to give voice to athletes, families and all the people from the small clubs.
What is enough?
Of the inconsistencies. We all understand that there must be sanitary measures to combat the pandemic. And we, the clubs, have fulfilled them all despite the continuous changes. We apply the locker room closing protocols, the responsible statements, the certificate, the temperature setting, the impossible schedules … and now we are forced to train on outdoor courts that are not prepared, or at times that are incompatible. with work and studies. All these people who are selflessly in the sport say that enough is enough. Action is being taken to protect lobbies and sectors with interest.
What do they claim?
It is a matter of dialogue, we want to be heard. When we hear politicians talk, their total and absolute ignorance of grassroots and amateur sports becomes clear. We want reports, we want to know what incidents the new measures have had. We have trained with masks in the pavilions, we want to know where there have been outbreaks, what infections have occurred so far to close again. We want specific data and plans that are consistent. It may not be that the measures to resume the sport were good at the end of November and not now. By shutting us down they are criminalizing us. And we warn politicians, now that the election campaign is coming, that they do not have the pretense of holding rallies in the sports centers that have closed.
Have they stepped on any louse eyes?
Some do, because of the complicit silence in public of many mayors and councilors who privately support us and do not have the courage to stand in front of their party and say that they listen to us, that we have already been annoyed enough.
Are the modest now ahead of the UFEC and the different federations?
With the UFEC we had a correct change of impressions on Thursday. But they are a very flawed institution of negotiation with the Government. The aid announced by the Generalitat in the sports sector has gone to private centers and large managers. The grassroots clubs have received zero euros from the 25 million that have been distributed. And meanwhile grassroots clubs will die financially. We have a general secretary of sport who raised his voice to the skies in November and then disappeared. Is this the voice of sport within the Government? Now it’s time to listen to those below.
What is at stake if the situation of restrictions is prolonged?
There is a risk of total disaffection and abandonment of young people from the practice of sport. We compete against sedentarism, comfort and new technologies. Young people who play sports are loyal and committed but no longer understand anything. This now yes, now no, will cause many to give up. It’s not about resuming competitions because yes, we only claim that we can do sports. That triangulars can be mounted within the county, for example. Abandoning sport is the main danger that politicians are not understanding. The other is that clubs are drowning and people can no longer.
Perhaps for politicians the sport begins and ends with Barça and little else.
We are focused on giving voice to grassroots and small clubs. We have made a call to the big clubs. She has only responded to women’s basketball because she also fights inequality and has had enough empathy. Faced with the silence of elite clubs and elite athletes, I ask them: who do they think are their members and their fans? What will they feed on if the base dies? We all start from grassroots sports. Laia Palau and Pau Bargalló have supported us and passed the hand over the faces of many.


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