‘Coach Ban’ aggressively led ‘King Gods’ to invade ‘Buriram’ to the area to demand the leader of the crowd back.

‘Coach Ban’ aggressively led ‘King Gods’ to invade ‘Buriram’ to the area to demand the leader of the crowd back.

The movement of the big match, the destiny of the champion “Revo Thai League 2021/22”, a pair between “Thunder Castle”, Buriram United, the leader of the crowd will open the house to meet with “the gods” True Bangkok United, the second team. of the table at the Chang Arena Stadium on January 23 at 19.00 live via the AIS Play application.

Latest on January 20, Thai League Co., Ltd. together with Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. organized an online press conference “Revo Thai League Meet the Press” before the game by Mr. Boripat Soonrod, manager of Buriram United and “Coach Ban” Mr. Tachatawan Sripan, head coach of True Bangkok United joined the talks.

“Coach Ban” Mr. Tachatawan said that he had to wait to check the physical condition of the players first. and see if the injured person can come back to play or not Because the team now loses the balance in terms of quality of play. lack of main to make the team play as bad as before The encounter with Buriram will try to prepare the athlete’s fitness. Send the most perfect person to the field. Including a closer look at the fitness of Heberty Fernandes

Mr. Tachatawan continued that the team lost confidence since the game lost to Suphanburi. which is considered a football accident And then at the end of the first leg, there was a problem in preparing the team. There are many injured players Go to the national team again The physical condition of many imperfect people return therefore have to reserve to play The quality of the game is not the same. Because players can’t replace each other 100 percent, visiting Buriram this game want to be a winner for sure because if they can, they will be at the top It will build confidence back to the players.

“We are a team that won both championships. But the first game we beat him. We had a record of not beating him in 7-8 years, but we managed to unlock the win. So is this game. We may never win Buriram in an away game. We might be able to win this time. If we get ready and the integrity of the player We have a chance to beat them. Even visiting them is not easy.”

Coach Ban also said that to be a champion requires many elements. Thai coaches are now considered to have knowledge of teamwork. Both the details of playing, tactics, training, are now more acceptable. whether to make players believe like working with foreign coaches or not If players adjust their attitude to play football with discipline more system Thai coaches can do the same as coaches around the world. may be secondary to prestige affecting the influence of the players including the quality of the team But believe that now the Thai coach has developed a lot and have many talents

The program for the Revo Thai League 2021/22 Week 18 is as follows:
Saturday January 22
17.30 Samut Prakan City meets Police Tero FC at Samut Prakan Stadium (AIS Play)
6:00 p.m. Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC meets Muangthong United at Mitr Phol Stadium (Royal Thai Army 5)
6:00 p.m. PT Prachuap FC meets Leo Chiang Rai United at the Three Bays Stadium (GMM25)
19.00 BG Pathum United meets Nong Bua Pitchaya FC at BG Stadium (AIS Play)

Sunday January 23
18.00 Chonburi FC meets Khon Kaen United at Bunyachinda Stadium. (GMM25)
18.00 Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC meets Chiang Mai United at the 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium (Royal Thai Army 5)
18.30 Port FC meets Suphanburi FC at Pat Stadium (PPTV HD36)
19.00 Buriram United meets True Bangkok United at Chang Arena (AIS Play)

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