Coach Hawk’s spread video, team completely denies speculation on the net Pitcher Senga also reveals the truth as “playful for us”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

A video of professional baseball coach Ryoji Moriyama (58) hitting the head of pitcher Kazuki Sugiyama (24) on the bench has been posted on Twitter and is spreading.

According to the poster, this scene was reflected in the distribution of the sports video site “DAZN”. A Hawks spokeswoman denied the violence, saying, “I haven’t hit it,” and said, “I pretended to hit it seriously!”

  • Happening during a match at PayPay Dome

  • Kodai Senga's support shooting on Twitter

    Kodai Senga’s support shooting on Twitter

  • Happening during a match at PayPay Dome
  • Kodai Senga's support shooting on Twitter

Pitcher Sugiyama immediately bows and looks up in a surprised manner.

It was delivered on March 27, 2022 at the PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City against the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

In this game, pitcher Sugiyama threw 5 times and was reversed to 3-4 with 4 runs and dropped out halfway. In the game, Softbank reversed and won 6-4. With this, Softbank has won the opening three consecutive wins.

In the scene in question, coach Moriyama in a mask approached pitcher Sugiyama sitting on the bench, and pitcher Sugiyama stared at coach Moriyama’s face. Then, when Pitcher Sugiyama wiped the sweat from his face with a towel, it seemed as if Coach Moriyama was hitting Pitcher Sugiyama’s head with his right hand.

Pitcher Sugiyama looked up at Coach Moriyama in a surprised manner after making a gesture to avoid it by bowing his head. After that, Pitcher Sugiyama wiped his head with a towel, and Coach Moriyama explained something with both hands.

A 20-second video showing this scene was posted on Twitter within 27 days and has been played more than 500,000 times. Coach Moriyama has been wondering and criticizing why he acted like hitting his head, and various opinions have been received.

On the 28th, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks’ public relations office clearly denied that there was violence by coach Moriyama, saying, “There is no fact that coach Moriyama hit pitcher Kazuki Sugiyama.”

Pitcher Senga “I said that Sugiyama himself was completely different.”

“According to Pitcher Sugiyama, while giving advice on how to swing his arm, he intentionally shook his arm so that it would hit Coach Moriyama’s stomach, and he pretended to hit” Do you want to hear it seriously! ” ,is what they said”

Coach Moriyama and Pitcher Sugiyama are particularly close friends, saying, “Coach Moriyama and Pitcher Sugiyama are talking with a smile during and after this match, and Coach Moriyama is not angry.” And said. Pitcher Sugiyama was also very surprised at the fact that “he was physically punished” on SNS.

Regarding coach Moriyama, he explained that he is “basically a coach that is friendly to everyone” and that “the pitchers who play with coach Moriyama like this are familiar scenery in camps and the like.” “Coach Ryoji Moriyama has never used violence against the Hawks, including in the past.”

On top of that, “The team just said that this case seemed to give corporal punishment in the video, but did not recognize that there was a problem with the relationship or behavior between the two, and especially considered caution and disposition. I haven’t. “

In addition, pitcher Kodai Senga (29) of the same Softbank also responded to this matter on Twitter on March 28.

Regarding coach Moriyama, he spelled, “Not only the usual Sugiyama, but also we are being told various things to do with the playfulness on the table.” “That matter started when Sugiyama attacked Mr. Moriyama’s stomach. Sugiyama himself said that it looked strange. ” He said, “I don’t know what you did on the table,” and said, “I spoke on behalf of Sugiyama himself, who said he was completely different.”

Fans commented on the post, saying, “Thank you for the explanation because things are getting bigger” and “I was relieved that the truth was clear.”

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News Editorial Department)

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