Coach of the Stuttgarter Kickers unusual action

Unusual action in Baden-Württemberg amateur football: the Stuttgarter Kickers gave themselves a goal. The trigger was a previously incorrectly perceived action by the opponent.

The Stuttgart Kickers caused a sensation in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg with a remarkable fair play campaign. At the request of coach Ramon Gehrmann, the former Bundesliga club scored in the home game against the on Saturday FC Nöttingen an own goal.

“I’m a Catholic and there is an account up there”

Previously, the hosts had scored the 2-0 goal on the other side, although a Nöttinger was on the ground and a teammate had apparently deliberately played the ball out of bounds. After a brief consultation with the referee, the kickers coach ordered a shot in his own goal, which Lukas Kling implemented shortly before half-time. The Stuttgart won the game 4-1.

“I’m a Catholic and there is an account up there, and you can withdraw and deposit there,” Gehrmann explained after the game: “On Wednesday against Ravensburg we had a post header against us in the last minute. We took off something from the account. Today it was probably the case that we used it to deposit again and maybe there is a balance back. “


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