Coast Guard, Yeosu Specialized High School trainee yacht company representative arrested… Manslaughter at work

On the afternoon of the 11th, students from the same school attended and watched the event at the Cultural Festival to commemorate the late Hong Jeong-woon, held in Ung-dong, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do. Hong passed away on the 6th while conducting field training to remove barnacles from the hull of a yacht. Yeosu = Reporter Park Kyung-woo

The Coast Guard has filed a criminal case against a business owner in connection with the death of a field trainee who died while working at a yacht tourism company in Yeosu.

According to the Yeosu Maritime Police Station on the 12th, the CEO of a yacht company A, who instructs an on-site trainee at Yi Sun-sin Marina to do diving, and then neglects safety management, died without detention on charges of negligent manslaughter.

Person A is suspected of instructing Hong-gun, a field trainee, to remove foreign substances (barnacles) from the hull of a 7-ton yacht at the yacht dock in Ungcheon-dong, Yeosu, around 10:39 am on the 6th, and neglecting safety management, etc.

The Coast Guard believes that the trainee’s diving equipment was loose, so he loosened the reservoir and flippers to reattach, but he lost consciousness and died when he sank into the water without overcoming the weight (12 kg) of the lead belt that Hong was wearing. In order to understand the exact circumstances, the Coast Guard began to analyze the statements of three people, including those involved in the rescue and analysis of CCTV footage from the site, as well as field investigations and related data. Hong’s cause of death was tentatively confirmed as ‘drowning’ at the first autopsy.

Through the investigation, the Coast Guard did not observe the underwater work safety rules that the company had to work in groups of two when doing diving work, and did not deploy a safety manager with a diving license while doing diving work, which is a dangerous job, to trainees who do not have a diving license. It was found that no accident prevention measures were taken.

The Coast Guard also confirmed that Mr. A accepted Hong, who is currently attending the Marine Leisure and Tourism Department of a specialized high school from the 27th of last month, as an employment-related trainee and instructed him to do tasks not in the internship agreement. The deceased had been working at a company every weekend since May, but according to the practice agreement, Hong’s scope of work was found to be serving, boat hull management, steering, and first aid for damaged areas.

A Coast Guard official said, “We plan to further investigate Mr. A, including the specific scope of work of Hong-gun and whether it is appropriate to put in the work.” We will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that there are no suspicions.”

Apart from the Coast Guard investigation, the Yeosu Branch of the Gwangju Employment and Labor Office is also investigating the circumstances of the accident, including whether Mr. A violated the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Yeosu = Park Kyung-woo reporter


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