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With an impressive professional critics score in and with millions of households broadcasting season 3 around the world, “”Is one of the most popular original series of this year. However, that does not save her from being also a bit incoherent with the situations that her characters live in a supposed real setting.

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The creators of the series Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg they got the support of the original stars of “”, William Zabka and Ralph Macchio to carry on the legacy that the original films had created and eventually created “”.

The main idea of ​​the series was to show how its characters evolved over time, presenting them as more humans possible since in real life there is no such thing as monochrome as good and evil. So much Johnny Lawrence as Daniel LaRusso proved in the new show that they were as vulnerable as any other human being in the Land.

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However, “”It is still a fiction, so he has had to exaggerate some situations within the program to cause more drama or promote certain feelings in his characters. Thus, has detailed 10 things they have never had from the series Netflix throughout its three seasons.


Daniel LaRusso seems to have unlimited resources in the Netflix series (Photo: Netflix).

10. Johnny Lawrence’s salary

In the first episode, Johnny He lost his job as a handyman for fighting with a customer. Since then he has not worked anywhere else except as sensei. Fans know that he got the money to start his stepfather’s dojo and that he was getting money from the kids all along, but it seems like he hasn’t gotten anything in a while.

Despite all these inconveniences, he was still able pay all your expenses and included a expensive tv, who broke up during a passionate love scene with Carmen, throughout the program. Clearly, he still has no money and appears to be earning income in some way that fans are unaware of.

9. Daniel seems to have unlimited financial resources

Yes, Daniel was a Businessman very successful with a local car dealership that did very well. But it seems that his savings never ran out. From being able to open your own dojo and charge nothing, take a break from your main job, book a trip to Japan, and even offer a triple rental for the Cobra Kai dojo. Where does he get so much money from? How do you get it?

Not to mention that Daniel had to pay for his expensive membership in the country club, the mortgage on his huge house, medical bills for Sam after the fight and having to fix broken glass, furniture and other items in the house and in the dojo of several fights. It’s unclear to fans where all this money is coming from.

8. Miguel’s recovery and hospital bills

On the one hand, that some children have been able to pay for all the operations of Miguel with a car wash, it seems impossible. They would have had to wash thousands and thousands of cars to even make one Small difference in the cost of surgery, hospital and subsequent physical therapy that Miguel required.

Even more absurd is to see Johnny and Miguel throw your crutches and your wheelchair in the trash, right after miraculously fast recovery. It was symbolic in the sense that Miguel he was getting better and didn’t need it anymore, but throwing them away so fast seemed to make little sense.

Miguel's recovery is miraculous (Photo: Netflix)
Miguel’s recovery is miraculous (Photo: Netflix)

7. Robby gets out of jail fast even though he almost killed Miguel

Robby, literally almost killed Miguel. He kicked it next to a railing without taking into account the fact that he would probably fly over it. How is that Robby got out of jail quickly? It is possible that Carmen has decided not to press charges and have the whole situation considered a fight that got out of control. But it seems that if that happened in real life, there would be far more serious repercussions for RobbyNot to mention the other children involved, who only spent a few months in jail.

6. Sam’s brother always disappears

The brother of Sam it is seldom close and there is no explanation of where it is. He has no interest in karate and seems to care mostly about the video game and listen to electronic music. Interestingly though Daniel and Amanda they pay so much attention to Sam and they make sure that she grows up to be a whole young woman, they don’t seem to care much about him.

Why write the story that includes a younger brother if he won’t be a part of anything? Maybe it was too late to think about it, or maybe there will be more stories with him in future seasons. But the single presence of a second son LaRusso Has no sense. They could easily have turned Sam an only child.

5. Why did Tory’s little brother stay with her?

The reason why Tory managed to stay out of jail, despite seriously injuring SamIt was because she is the primary caregiver for her ill and bedridden single mother. That could be checked, especially if because you already have 18 years and therefore she is considered an adult.

However, all this, added to the fact that their younger brother lives with them, does not make sense. Surely given the Tory’s history, the authorities would be aware of his life situation. If you got out of jail because you are a caregiver, then you are not hiding the fact that your mother is ill. It seems hard to believe that this situation continues in the long term.

Anthony is the second son of Daniel LaRusso, the protagonist of the hit series “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)
Anthony is the second son of Daniel LaRusso, the protagonist of the hit series “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

4. The transformation of Hawk

It’s easy to believe that someone like Hawk You could let your newfound confidence and skills go to your head and become a bully. But Hawk he took things to the extreme and became a really cruel villain. The way he lashed out at his former best friend Demetri it seemed incredible.

While it would be credible to see Hawk act a certain way in public and then apologize to Demetri privately, or even simply ignoring it, his aggression towards his former friends seems out of place and unlikely, an extreme that in real life would not happen or would culminate in dire mental sequelae for Hawk.

3. How the kids were so good at karate so fast

Anyone who has taken karate or another martial art knows that it takes a lot of practice, discipline, and patience to reach the level kids are already at. However, they all seemed to be amazing students who won black belts in less than a year.

Sure, since many of them started out much younger than most would, it stands to reason that they learn things faster. But it seems unreasonable for everyone to be a teacher of karate after going to classes several times a week for just one year.

2. All about John Kreese

There are so many things about Kreese that don’t make sense, and while his backstory helped explain something of why he is the way he is, it still seems like he’s much angrier and more brutal than he should be, even going as far as trying to kill his enemies.

How is it possible that he could just walk in and take the dojo? Are you operating it illegally without a license? Where he is living? And why does he have it so bad for Johnny and Daniel? Surely even a stubborn man like Kreese I would have moved on after 30 yearsespecially in his golden years.

1. Johnny Lawrence knows nothing about electronics

It is understandable that Johnny is not competent with computers or is not knowledgeable about technology and the social networks, as evidenced in that funny montage when he goes out with Miguel to finally create a profile of Facebook.

But he can’t be so out of touch that he doesn’t know how to use internet or worse yet, that a computer needs to be connected to have power. You worked in assembling flat screen televisions and should have some basic knowledge of how TVs work. electronics devices.

The fourth season of
The fourth season of “Cobra Kai” could arrive in October of this year, although the plan is still to wait until another year. (Photo: Netflix)


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