“Cobra Kai”, what is known about season 4?

Jon Hurwitz, the creator of the Netflix series that has its origin in the movie “Karate Kid”, gave some clues about what can happen to Daniel and Johnny, who have always been rivals and must work towards the same goal.

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Jon Hurwitz, creator of the ‘Cobra Kai’ series, said of Daniel and Johnny’s characters: “You’ve seen glimpses of them being able to get along and be on the same page, and you’ve seen them punch each other.”

Season 3 of Cobra Kai gave many fans what they had been waiting for since the first movie of Karate Kid. A truce between Daniel and Johnny to face a greater enemy, the ruthless Kreese. With a 4th season confirmed by Netflix, now the question is, what does fate hold for the two combatants? (We recommend: Netflix releases new documentary about Pelé)

There is no doubt that, although they are now willing to collaborate, the alliance between Daniel and Johnny will bring out their differences. It’s an iconic moment in the franchise of Karate Kid, and the creator of the Netflix series, Jon Hurwitz, has given some clues about the future of Cobra Kai. (You may be interested in: Who is Elisa Lam and why will her murder case be a series on Netflix?)

“You’ve seen Johnny and Daniel interact for a few seasons and in a movie that’s long, long gone,” Hurwitz remarked in a recent interview. “You’ve seen glimpses of them being able to get along and be on the same page, and you’ve seen them punch each other.”

“So, everything is possible when they are together,” he added. “Right now they are united against a common enemy. Their intentions are all positive, but let’s see what it’s like for these two guys to work together towards the same goal, with their different approaches. Can they join forces in a way that is productive or will there be bumps along the way? That’s what people will see in season 4, “he declared mysteriously. (Read also: Netflix announces its film releases for 2021)

The expectation is high for the next batch of episodes, in which Kreese will have a dangerous ally. The production of Cobra Kai 4 kicks off in the coming weeks, with an unannounced release date.

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