Coca-Cola to launch its first alcoholic beverage

MEXICO.— The company Coke has entered for the first time in the category of alcoholic beverages with the product Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, which mixes carbonated water, gluten-free alcohol and natural flavors, an executive announced yesterday.

The Hard Seltzer category has been evolving and growing exponentially in the US market in recent years, where it has experienced double-digit growth.

The global launch, after conducting various tests around the world, It will begin this last quarter of 2020 in Latin America to continue in the United States during the first quarter of 2021.

“For Coca-Cola it is very important to contemplate the countries of the region. That is why this product will be launched in Latin America earlier than in other markets ”, stated Roberto Mercadé, president of the Latin Center business unit of Coca-Cola Company.

“The company understands that its growth in regard to alcoholic beverages brands entails important additional responsibilities, which is why it has developed a responsible consumption policy to enter this category,” added Mercadé, who has 28 years of management experience. international general and operating systems.

“After two years of experimenting, we launched Topo Chico as the first Coca-Cola alcoholic beverage made up of carbonated water, gluten-free cane alcohol and natural flavors,” he added.

The commercialization will begin with three flavors: pineapple with a twist, lime-lemon, mango and strawberry-guava to later expand the variety of flavors.

The initial presentation will be in a 355 ml and 310 ml can in the Brazilian market with a caloric intake of 100 calories per can.

“With the pandemic and the closure that it has entailed, we have had to innovate and we will launch through the internal network,” said Mercadé, who is an industrial engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).

Mercadé was also Managing Director of Coca-Cola South Africa’s franchise and business operations, based in Johannesburg before joining Coca-Cola South Pacific. Prior to that, he served as general manager of the Venezuela and Caribbean franchise unit.

The networked organization is a novel type of organizational structure that is considered less hierarchical, more decentralized, and more flexible than other structures.

This type of network organization is connected by more informal networks and those that demand requires at all times, instead of a formal organizational structure.

The growth potential of the soft drink sector is more than $ 3 billion in the short term in the United States.

“It is a very wide market with small companies and large producers and many possibilities in common”, concludes Mercadé.


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