“Coca-Cola” will stop producing some of its beverages

The coronavirus pandemic it caused one of the biggest economic crises in recent years. This due to the bankruptcy of many companies that could not continue to operate, however, there were others who saw this situation as an opportunity to rethink their business.

One of these companies is nothing more and nothing less than Coke, who announced that between now and the end of the year they will stop producing some of their underperforming beverages to give priority to those with the best potential in the market.

We challenge ourselves to think differently about our brands in order to accelerate our transformation into a total beverage company, ”said The Coca-Cola Company’s global director of innovation and marketing operations.

“It is about continuing to listen to the consumer and being very intentional when decide which of our brands deserve more our investments and resources, and also take the difficult but important measures to identify those products that are losing relevance and, therefore, should leave the portfolio ”, he assured about this important change.

Coke made it clear that this decision was contemplated before the Covid-19 hit the whole world, however, this virus accelerated the process due to the fact that they began to have problems accessing supplies and in turn a change in demand for certain products .

These factors determined that it was time to formalize the order of some of their drinks.

What drinks will be out of the market forever?

For the tranquility of many, classic drinks such as Fanta, Sprite and even Coca-Cola itself will continue to be produced. Not so the sodas sold in the United States such as Tab, Coca-Cola Life, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry and Zico coconut water, among others.

Japan and Brazil will also be affected by this measure because they will take Vegitabeta and Kuat drinks off the market, respectively.


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