Cocaine bale strandings on the Atlantic coast: more than one tonne recovered (prosecutor)

The quantity of cocaine bales that have been stranded for several weeks on the Atlantic coast has exceeded Tuesday the tonne, 1,010 kg exactly, and the discovery area now extends from the Landes to Finistère, was learned from the prosecutor of the Republic of Rennes.

"The geographical spectrum tends to spread, from the Landes to the Breton tip," said prosecutor Philippe Astruc after the discovery Tuesday of a five-kilogram pack in Camaret-sur-mer (Finistère).

"It's the same cargo" that happens sparsely on the French coasts and it's all about cocaine, he added.

The prosecutor said that it was "a very dangerous product in this form its consumption can lead to overdose". The size of a shoe box, surrounded by cellophane to be sealed, these bales contain cocaine base to a high degree of purity (83%). "We will recover some more for some time," he also said, asking anyone discovering these bales to warn "immediately" the police or gendarmerie, "without any manipulation".

About a hundred investigators are involved in research to understand how these bales have failed on the west facade. The privileged track is a "load shedding after a damage or a storm" according to the prosecutor while the investigators peel the maritime flows of mid-October to try to understand where the cargo comes from.

A 17-year-old man was arrested Monday by gendarmes in possession of 5 kg of cocaine collected on a beach in Lacanau, closed to the public after the discovery of many drug packages last week on the Gironde coastline.

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