cod liver oil, an essential supplement against the coronavirus?

Cod liver oil is known to be an oil very rich in vitamin D. Researchers have therefore wondered about its ability to counter Covid-19.

Cod liver oil: new prevention against Covid?

Last March, a study was carried out on Norwegians to find out the risk factors for coronavirus. 15,000 volunteers, including 2,000 positive Covid-19 participated in this survey in which they had to detail their lifestyle.

And a common point has been discovered between people spared by the coronavirus: they have all consumed Cod liver oil.

Indeed, the results showed that regular consumers of cod liver oil were less affected by Covid-19. In addition, for the few consumers affected by the coronavirus, they have developed a form quasi-inoffensive virus.

This is why researchers at the Oslo hospital decided to take a closer look at this miracle oil. “The difference is not astronomical, but significant enough for us to take a closer look,” said Arne Soraas, doctor and researcher in the microbiology department at Oslo University Hospital.

A promising study

This study will make it possible to know whether these are the vitamin D, the Omega 3 or the combination of the two that allow cod liver oil to be effective against Covid.

The study will be carried out on more than 70,000 people, some of whom will receive cod oil and the other, corn oil. All this without any participant knowing which product they received in order to determine if the cod liver oil really has an impact in the prevention against Covid. “The results can give us valuable information on how we can prevent infection with COVID-19,” said Arne Søraas.

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