Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms “Coffee Shop Business”

From the trend of ordering orders via applications to software systems behind the house of coffee shops. Amid the wave of modern technology that is transforming the management of the coffee shop business. Today, the author presents an article from A website that has been providing information on the global coffee industry for over 20 years to explore and see what the latest technology is coming up. How much is needed in the future?

According to the American Restaurant Association, more than 50% ofcoffee shop businessIn the country, more budget and resources have been invested in the development of technology related to “customer display menu(Customer Facing) during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Focus on displaying product information, promotions or recommended products of stores Including ordering through applications , online payment and general food/drink delivery service

This digital screen advertising media That is useful in building a brand. and communicate with customers It has been used in the restaurant business for many years. Lately, it started to spread into all types of coffee shops with high competitive rates. especially in the United States which is said to be the new trendsetter in the consumption of coffee and other beverages.

Another data from the World Coffee Portal’s 2021 survey of UK consumers says that more than half of the 50,000 British consumers surveyed, 61%, or more than half, have shop applicationto help emphasize the importance of changing consumer behavior.

In the coffee shop market with a high growth rate like China Data from the World Coffee Portal, which conducted a random survey of Chinese consumers in 2020, found that 86% of such consumers used “delivery service” in ordering coffee drinks While more than 50% order coffee through delivery 2-3 times a week.

Coffee shop business after the Covid-19 era There has been quite a lot of adjustment. (Photo: /Quang Nguyen Vinh)

Article from Talk about the latest technology issues that are changing the coffee shop business in the near future. It is a big trend that this website sees that coffee shop entrepreneurs have begun to use. to increase competitiveness and reach more convenient and comprehensive customer groups There were interviews with the executives of three companies that are technological innovators in the coffee industry.

In fact, the innovations from these 3 companies have probably passed through the eyes of the readers for some time, whether it’s a barista robot, an application made specifically for coffee shops. and a software or platform for managing a coffee shop But I think it’s good and useful. It is worth updating for readers to know again during the new year 2023.

And what is even more interesting is The website claims to be a trend-setting tool or platform that takes the global coffee market into the “fifth wave”.

1. Crown Digital’s Singapore-based barista robot

The shortage of baristas who specialize in coffee, caused by the coronavirus pandemic for three full years, is a major issue for Crown Digital CEO Keith Tan. (Crown Digital) of Singapore inspired to develop technology that can replace human labor. His solution was to create a “Barista Robot”.

Keith Tan opened Crown Coffee for the first time in 1977. 2016, but soon there was a big problem, that is, the employees in the shop had a very high turnover. Also, the cost of training new employees is very expensive. Decided to do the coffee shop business to become more automated. By developing a barista robot concept called “ELLA” (ELLA) to meet the needs of large workloads, quickly brewing drinks. and no one was involved

The concept of this robot comes from Keith Tan’s years of experience in the coffee business, knowing that customers want three things: standard, speed and quality.

The robotic barista Ella took three and a half years to develop and build a continuation platform. such as POS systems or point of sale management and online applications Was programmed to make drinks realistic in every step Can make hot-cold coffee It has a production capacity of about 200 glasses per hour. Before launching for the first time in the form of a Crown Coffee kiosk in crowded areas such as train stations.

Recently, there was news that it was launched in overseas markets for the first time in Japan. According to the plan to expand the store scale to foreign markets such as Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Ella isn’t the first barista robot concept to debut in the coffee market. Other brands have already been marketed, including Café X in the US and Rozum Café, a Belarusian-Ukrainian joint venture.

Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms barista robot One of the new trends in the coffee market in the digital age (Photo:

Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms

Ella, the robotic barista from Singapore Developed by Crown Digital (Image:

2. COFE App, a coffee shop specific application

Digital transactions of coffee shops around the world. This includes delivery, in-store pickup (pick-up) and ordering in advance. There have been some before the spread of the COVID-19 virus, however, when lockdown cases occurred in some areas. followed by social distancing Forcing entrepreneurs to adapt to the reality of the situation where stores cannot provide services as usual. Ordering drinks via an app has rapidly gained popularity all over the world.

Coffee application technology pioneers such as China’s “Luckin Coffee” and Singapore’s “Flash Coffee”, two coffee chains from Asia. Respond to this change quickly.

in the United StatesStarbucks” (Starbucks) opened its first pickup store. Customers don’t need to inform the barista or cashier of their order or pay. Just enter the store’s app. Use the pre-order drink feature. along with picking up products at branch stores Then go to wait to receive drinks. which can track the order process through digital screens at the store counter

Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms Cofe App”, an application developed specifically for coffee shops (Photo:

Meanwhile, US and European consumers are familiar with food delivery apps such as Deliveroo, DoorDash and UberEast. But most of them have never got to know the delivery applications and drinks of coffee shops in particular. This is what makes the Kuwait-based company see it as a golden opportunity. Accelerate the expansion of the market “COFE App” (COFE App), an application designed for coffee shops that are equipped with full functions. both delivery, receiving and scoring points

Currently, there are more than 750 cafes using the app, including “Costa Coffee” (Costa Coffee), “Dunkin” (Dunkin) and “Caribou Coffee” (Caribou Coffee). Independent coffee shops in the Middle East and North Africa are not counted.

Kofe App was founded by businessman Ali Al-Ebrahim in 2018. He is now the CEO. Kofe App currently has bases in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, with plans to expand into the UK by 2020. 2023, while counting until the middle of the year. By 2022, more than 2 million cups of coffee have been purchased through the Cofe app. Interestingly, less than a full year after launching in Saudi Arabia, It turns out that with more than 3 million app downloads and more than 1.5 million users using the app regularly, it shows that digital coffee shops are growing in the Middle East.

“Coffee has a global market value of about $100 billion. But no one has made a serious coffee-specific app yet,” Al-Ebrahim said, adding that He was also inspired to create a digital ordering platform for coffee shops. It comes from the rich history and culture of coffee in the Middle East.

Al-Ebrahim also said it was not an easy task for small coffee entrepreneurs to develop their own technology. But an application to order drinks online must be used together To bring products and business brands Jump into the arena in the digital age.

3. Cropster Cafe, a store management platform

It is said that the business highlight under the 5th wave of global coffee lies in ensuring the quality and standard of the network of outlets across all sales channels. in a single store when having to expand the network of branch outlets The issue of creating standards to be the same became quite a challenge.

Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms Cropster Cafe”, a specialty coffee shop’s backyard management program (Photo:

In May 2022, Cropster, a software development company in the coffee roasting sector, launched “Cropster Cafe”, an online platform specifically designed for specialty coffee shop management services. Through a partnership with Italian company La Marzocco, the software program focuses on using data to optimize retail operations and consulting with wholesale customers.

Cropster Cafe was developed based on real data from entrepreneurs.”specialty coffee shop” It can connect and process data from IoT-enabled coffee machines and then analyze it. , visualization And make a report that is important to the coffee shop business, such as the consistency of the brewing system, the volume of output / product. and maintenance of equipment within the shop

Andy Benedictor, Head of International Sales for Cropster Cafe, explains the purpose of developing the software. want to make coffee shop management services easier, more streamlined, and more standardized Let operators make decisions based on databases rather than other miscellaneous data sets. Help reduce data waste by providing real-time consumption information. Therefore, executives do not need to travel to check in to check various information in the network stores.

This means that executives will have more time to use “art” to run the store efficiently. Whether it’s about coffee, customers or creating new menus.

As for the number of cafes using the Cropter Cafe platform, Benedict does not provide a specific figure. Just say it’s in the hundreds. And now it’s focusing on the US, European market. and Australia

“Cropster Cafe isn’t just for espresso machines. But it is also designed to connect to many other storage devices. including coffee grinders, scales Or a point of sale system, “Benedictor said, ready to provide additional information that The company is negotiating cooperation with several coffee equipment manufacturers. To help manage the coffee shop more efficient and standardized.

Coffee Trend 2023 when technology transforms coffee shop marketing Focus on using technology to make drinks reach customers quickly and conveniently (Photo: /Porapak Apichodilok)

Global coffee shop business after the Kovic-19 era There has been quite a lot of adjustment in order to “correspond” and “consistently” with changing consumer behavior. Especially in the new generation There is continuous development of innovations and new technologies. Of course, the technology that has changed the face of these coffee shops. will continue to develop indefinitely

But only time will tell which technology from which camp perfectly meets the needs of both manufacturers and consumers. In the midst of the intensely competitive coffee market around the world.

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