cognac producers resist the health crisis

Cognac is one of the best exported French alcohols. Since 1715, the great Martell house has been making it with renowned know-how. But with the Covid-19 epidemic, it is impossible to be more numerous in the tasting room. So, to seduce customers on the other side of the world, the cellar master Christophe Valtaud relies on digital tools: “We do live shows with our friends from China or the United States for example, and we organize tasting sessions with them live“.

Slowdown in exports abroad, lower duty-free sales … the number two brand in cognac had a difficult start to the year, but is resisting the crisis well, thanks in particular to the Chinese market. In this hyper-competitive sector, it is impossible for the company not to honor its commitments to its winegrowers. In 2019, the cognac sector generated no less than 3.6 billion euros, an exceptional performance that will however be difficult to repeat with the health crisis.

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