Cold front on Tuesday: Next week there will be snowflakes down to the plains

A cold front reached Switzerland on Tuesday. In the mountains, meteorologists expect over 30 centimeters of fresh snow. A few flakes are likely to get lost in the lower areas.

The weather forecast from Meteonews.


  • The autumn foggy weather ends just in time for the start of winter.

  • A cold front reached Switzerland on Tuesday.

  • On the north side of the Alps, widespread precipitation is expected.

According to meteorologists, this year’s November has been dry and warm above average so far. At the start of the meteorological winter, a cold front is expected to reach Switzerland on Tuesday. This therefore brings a few snowflakes down to the deepest areas.

In the end of November, there was often high pressure weather with fog in the lowlands and beautiful mountain weather. In the lowlands it was one to two degrees and in the altitude three to sometimes over four degrees warmer than the average, as the weather service Meteonews announced on Saturday.

In Valais, Ticino and Graubünden, November was reportedly extremely dry. In the Graubünden towns of Andeer and Scuol and on the Great St. Bernhard in Valais, it was the driest November since measurements began. In Chur, Ilanz and Locarno, sometimes less than a liter of rain fell per square meter.

Will there be enough flakes in Geneva too?


Punctually at the beginning of the meteorological winter on December 1st, according to the meteorologists, a cold front ends the autumn high fog on Tuesday. On the north side of the Alps, widespread precipitation is expected.

Some snowflakes could also fall in the lowlands on Wednesday. Large amounts of precipitation are not expected. For the mountains, about ten to twenty, locally also over thirty centimeters, fresh snow is predicted.

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