Cold wave in Belgium: up to -20 degrees tonight

A very cold night is coming. Some light snowfall is also expected.

COn Monday evening and overnight, the sky will remain very cloudy with, at times, light snowfall. At the end of the night, clearings could already take shape in the north of the country. The minima will generally vary from -3 to -10 degrees. In sunny spells, temperatures could drop to between -10 and -13 degrees. For climatologist Xavier Fettweis, interviewed by RTL, we could reach -20 degrees in places. The roads will always be slippery from the snow or freezing sleet.

On Tuesday, cloudiness will remain abundant in the south-east of the country with a risk of a little snow or snow in grains. Elsewhere, the weather will remain dry and the sun will be more and more present during the day. It will always be very cold since the maximums will be between -6 degrees in the north of the country as well as in the Hautes Fagnes and -1 degree in Belgian Lorraine.

On Wednesday there will be more cloudy fields in the south of the country where some snow will be possible. During the day, large clearings will alternate with clouds. Temperatures will remain negative with maximums of -1 or -2 degrees at sea as well as in the extreme south of the country, -2 to -4 degrees in the center of the country and in Campine and around -6 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes .

The MRI also recalls the unfavorable conditions for the operation of domestic fireplaces and water heaters and draws attention to the fact of being attentive to any symptoms such as “headaches” or “want to vomit” that could be. due to CO poisoning.


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