Cole Caufield is second NCAA player to watch, according to Sports Illustrated

The season for the University of Wisconsin Badgers and 2019 Canadiens first-round pick Cole Caufield got underway last night with a clash against Notre Dame University. Caufield had an assist and the Badgers won by a score of 2-0.

In his second season in the NCAA, Caufield has a lot to prove. He must demonstrate that he can dominate at the American university level and must, above all, show a progression compared to his last season. All eyes will be on him this season, and not just from Montreal.

The Sports Illustrated identified the small forward as the second player to watch on the circuit this season in his top-100 on the subject. The magazine expects him to earn points with the Badgers this season. Caufield is ahead of other big names, such as the first defenseman drafted in the last draft, Jake Sanderson (3), who was the Senators’ choice in the fifth echelon.

In total, the Canadian has six prospects on the list. Luke Tuch (20), Jordan Harris (23), Blake Biondi (38), Jayden Struble (39) and Brett Stapley (82) have also been recognized for their past efforts and will be on the radar of the hockey community this season.

Notice to interested parties, it is the young Owen Power who takes place in the first place of the ranking. Power is one of the top-rated prospects for the 2021 NHL Draft. He will play with the University of Michigan Wolverines. If his name means something to you, it may be because you read our text mentioning that his team will prevent him from playing at the World Junior Hockey Championship.

The start is in the NCAA! All that remains is to enjoy the show.

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