Colin Powell, former secretary of state who led the US invasion of Iraq, has died.

news agency CNN Reported that Gen. Colin Powell, the first black person to be the US Secretary of State. and the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff A foreign policy aide in the late 20th to early 21st century has died early on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 from complications from contracting the coronavirus at the age of 84.

General Powell’s family shared the devastating news on Facebook, reiterating the former military and statesman. He has received two doses of the vaccine. However, he was previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which suppresses his immune system. even though they have been vaccinated He is still at risk of COVID-19. higher than the average person While it was not disclosed Has General Powell received the 3rd Intensity Vaccine to boost immunity?

General Powell served in the United States Army. from the beginning of the Vietnam War (1955-1975), before becoming the first black American to serve as national security adviser towards the end of President Ronald Reagan; and Was the youngest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the reign of the president George Bush father

Colin Powell and George Bush the Younger

After the Allied forces led by the United States Victorious in the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991), General Powell’s popularity soared to a peak until it was expected that He would become the first black president of the United States, however, his reputation was forever tarnished after him.foreign ministerof George Bush the son filed inaccurate intelligence information to the United Nations. to encourageiraq war which Mr. Powell admitted that This was a blemish point in his history.

Incidentally, although General Powell has never run for the presidency. But his swearing-in as secretary of state in 2001 made him the highest-ranking black official in the United States at the time, he said after the Senate voted to endorse him: “I think this shows the world the possibilities of this country.”

but later Powell began to disagree with the right-wing Republican idea. and use his political influence Help the Democrats get elected to the White House. And the most important person is Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States. Powell’s support for the last week of the 2008 election has boosted Obama’s popularity.

Colin Powell and Barack Obama
Colin Powell and Barack Obama

Former President George Bush was one of the first Issued a statement expressing condolences to General Powell’s death, stating that the former foreign secretary a great government official The president’s admirers are many. until he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (Presidential Medal of Freedom) twice, he was highly respected both at home and abroad. and most importantly He is both family and friend.

while Mrs. Condoleezza Rice, who took over as Secretary of State after Mr. Powell and was the first black woman to hold that position. came out to praise Mr Powell that truly great whose devotion to the nation is not limited to many great things As he did in uniform or in government, and “a lot of his legacy will live on in the many young people to whom his influence has passed.”

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