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Collection for women religious for Africa Day 2022 | DOMRADIO.DE

The international catholic relief organization missio Aachen collects donations for the Africa Day in January for the training of pastors in Africa. The motto of Africa Day 2022 is “So that they have life”.

“With a donation for Africa Day, everyone can help ensure that religious sisters receive a good education in order to be able to professionally help people under the most difficult conditions and to stand up for their rights,” said missio President Dirk Bingener in Aachen.

According to its own information, the aid organization supports, for example, vocational and management courses, seminars in pastoral work as well as training in social and peace policy.

Sign of solidarity

The journalist Gundula Gause is the patron of Africa Day under the motto “So that they have life”. Every donation for Africa Day is a sign of solidarity, said the missio ambassador.

But solidarity is not a one-way street. “The women religious, for their part, inspire us Christians here in Germany to find new ways out of paralyzing routines in our life and faith,” said Gause, “they give us courage and hope”.

The collection for Africa Day takes place between January 1st and 16th in Catholic church services. According to the aid agency, around 659,000 euros were collected from this collection last year.

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