Colo Colo: Felipe Bianchi brings up the descent of Alianza Lima and compares it with the Cacique

Lima Alliance lived one of the bitter days in its history by sealing his relegation to the second division of Peruvian football after lose 2-0 to Sport Huancayo, losing the category after more than 80 years.

The situation generates alert among the fans of Colo Colo, since The current campaign of the Cacique is very similar to the one that ended up sending the B to the Peruvian team, starting from the basis that both teams had Mario Salas as a coach at some point in the season.

One who compared both realities was Felipe Bianchi, who on his personal Twitter brought up the present of Alianza Lima to look at the little auspicious future that could come in the Monumental.

“After 82 uninterrupted years in the First Division, today the mythical Alianza de Lima, the most popular team in Peru and the closest and beloved brother of Colo Colo in all of South America, was relegated to Second.Bianchi wrote.

In addition, the journalist made a strong criticism for certain characters in the Cacique’s story who are planning a return to the club, especially targeting Jorge Vergara and Peter Dragicevic.

“Jorge Vergara and Peter Dragicevic want to return to Colo Colo? Excellent idea. I propose to others in the same sector and with similar resumes for a new board, coupled and full of values: Gabriel Ruiz Tagle, Pablo Longueira, Sergio Jadue and Julio Ponce Lerou. What a luxury … “, he concluded.

Colo Colo has 14 finals left to turn this true free fall to First B. It is to be hoped that the case of Alianza Lima has served to draw some conclusions in the Monumental.

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