Colo Colo: Gustavo Quinteros says that Colo Colo will be a very tough opponent for all the remaining rivals

In the lead up to the vital match of Colo Colo against Unión La Calera this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at the Monumental StadiumToday at a press conference the Chieftain’s technical director spoke, Gustavo Quinteros.

The Albos strategist was consulted about how you see your target emotionally, and noted that “we have managed to strengthen the group spirit, today there is a different confidence. We can play well, badly or fairly, but the team is very committed, with great confidence in what we have been doing. “

Furthermore, the Bolivian nationalized Argentine stated that “we will be a very tough team for all rivals. We have four finals left and we are going to be very tough for everyone. We are going to play 100% every game, playing good, bad or fair, but we are going to play 100 percent “.

About the next match against Union La Calera, the DT noted that “We are going to try to think of ourselves, to be able to play and overcome the rival on duty, Calera. He has ups and downs like everyone else, but he’s surely going to come and try to play his best football. “

We have to be prepared and think only about this game, we have prepared very, very well. The players who enter are at 100 to give and contribute the best for the team. In that sense, with confidence and hopefully we can capture on the court everything we have trained, “Gustavo Quinteros closed.


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