Colo Colo: Gustavo Quinteros will have reinforcements to rearm his team

Marcelo espina, sports manager of Colo Colo, stated before the break that the Cacique squad was the one that was formed in January and there would be no changes until December. However, a lot of water has passed under the bridge and the Squid did not expect the albos to be buried at the bottom of the table, much less that they would have to relieve interim Gualberto Jara earlier than budgeted, also confirmed until the end of 2020 so.

So it came Gustavo Quinteros with the difficult mission of giving a physical and soccer form to a team that had lost all direction. And although he still has not won, little by little the Argentine is printing something of his stamp in Colo Colo.

But he knows that it is not enough. Going in, requested a replacement for the injured Matías Zaldivia and they brought the Uruguayan Maximiliano Falcon. However, everything indicates that he will use at least two of the three quotas he has to bring reinforcements once the first round is finished, especially in offense.

Consulted about it, Hannibal Meuse, president of Blanco y Negro, said that they are open to making the additions that the DT deems necessary. “We have had a very fluid conversation with Gustavo (Quinteros). On Saturday afternoon we had a meeting with the entire board and the entire coaching staff. We are open to listen to the teacher if you need reinforcement. He told us that due to Matías’s injury (Zaldivia) he needed another central defender, we went and brought in a footballer who suited him. If he considers that he needs other reinforcements in other positions, we will be open to support him “, he sentenced.

Of course, he ruled out that, for now, he has asked for something. “The only thing I know from the coaching staff is that they asked for a center back. You are watching and analyzing the team. If you think you need to reinforce any part, we will be ready. But we have not talked about names or positions, “he said.

Finally, Mosa He commented that “the coffers are not very good. We did not play a home game in March this year with an audience. The border theme is very important. But we’ve got around this situation, we’re getting around it. We believe that we are making the necessary adjustments to make the institution viable. We have a need, but we have it more or less ordered ”.

Although the evaluation of Quinteros, you will most likely request a offensive steering wheel and at least one Forward, even more after the loss of Marcos Bolados.


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