Colo Colo: Marcelo Barticciotto’s remarkable trolling after a question to Solari related to the U

One of the most outstanding players in the final stretch of Colo Colo in the last championship it was Pablo Solari, who was key in the victory against the University of Concepción that kept Popular in the First Division.

The 19-year-old Argentinian scored his first professional goal nothing more and nothing less than against the “campanil” in the duel for the permanence. For this reason, the attacker has been classified as the “savior” who left the Cacique in the honorary division of Chilean soccer.

The native of Arizona, Argentina, was invited to the ESPN Show program, where he talked about various topics; his childhood, his multifunctionality, his stay in Colo Colo, among others.

When the program ended, the panelist Rafael Olarra consulted with Pablo Solari if before arriving at the Popular he had had a contact with the University of Chile. And before the Argentine responds, the idol of Colo Colo, Marcelo barticciotto He comes forward and answers a phrase for the bronze.

“No, you don’t know her”, “Barti” responds, causing laughter from those present on ESPN Show.


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