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Cologna poorly rewarded for his attack run

Dario Cologna finished 15th in the 3rd stage of the Tour de Ski, a 15 km freestyle race with a mass start in Oberstdorf.

After showing heart, the Grison paid the price on the last lap. Victory for the Norwegian Johannes Hösflot Klaebo.

During the penultimate crossing over the finish line, a vision plunged back years. Cologna approached the last lap in a group of five behind Alexander Bolshunov and Klaebo. The grison routine had spared no effort to find himself in this enviable position. But when Bolshunov hit full throttle, it was too much for Cologna, unable to keep up with the best.

Cologna was absorbed by the chasing pack and conceded 40 ” in the final round. Even Jonas Baumann (13th) passed the leader of the Swiss team. Beda Klee (16th) finished on Cologna’s spatulas.

In the general classification of the Tour de Ski, Klaebo has strengthened its leadership position without any problem. The Norwegian rocket even managed to take Bolshunov a few more seconds on the last descent. On arrival, Klaebo put his compatriot Paal Golberg at 45 “and the Russian at 47”.

This Tour de Ski edition was designed for short effort specialists with two sprints and three races with a mass start over six stages. Klaebo shouldn’t have much trouble securing a second overall victory.

Cologna is also in 15th place overall as best Swiss at 2’58 ”. Le Grison, for his last appearance in this stage race, no longer has any ambition in the general classification. He is aiming for a feat during a stage.



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