Colombia, among the worst countries to live during the pandemic

Since the pandemic began and began to hit each of the countries of the world, They have taken different measures that have kept the quality of life of their citizens stable, improved or even worsened.

Bloomberg, a data company attached to the media conglomerate, carried out a resilience ranking of how nations have handled the situation and how they have affected different aspects such as the economy, health and employment of 53 countries.

The Ranking will change as countries change your strategies and advance in the race for a vaccine.

New Zealand heads the ranking then began taking action on March 26 before a single death occurred, closing its borders despite the great dependence of the economy on tourism.

Second is Japan, which after tuberculosis outbreaks in the past, has maintained a system of public health center endowed of contact markers that were quickly reassigned to address COVID-19.

Strategies, such as border control, have been a key elementplus effective testing and tracing is a hallmark of almost every top 10.

The Bloomberg Resilience COVID Ranking exposes some uncomfortable truths for nations that were once considered the most advanced in the world.

Belgium has the worst overall death rate in the 53 economies after the virus swept through nursing homes.

The UK, Italy and France have seen cases and deaths skyrocket in recent months.s, and the stricter blockade of France has lowered it in the Ranking.

Poverty has played a fundamental role in the ranking as economies such as The United States and Germany have seen a good reaction capacity, but in Latin America the situation is at a different price.

Mexico has not confirmed all the deaths and believes that the number could be higher and Brazil has the third largest outbreak in the world.


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