Colombia: Carlos Queiroz will be fired and will receive two million dollars in compensation | Qatar 2022 Qualifiers | NCZD | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

The hours are counted for as coach of the . From Portugal, the coach’s country, the Record portal assured that the decision has been made by the Federation. The departure will take place after the discreet start of the national team on the way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where the last double date was the last straw for the managers.

The aforementioned media explained that Ramón Jesurún, head of the sports entity, informed the strategist that he will not continue in office. From the board they considered that the conditions are not the best to keep the former Real Madrid coach in the position in the 2003-04 season.

The announcement has not yet been made public due to Colombia Y Queiroz they are still negotiating the form of payment of the compensation, which amounts to two million dollars, in accordance with the contract they signed and the termination clause that both parties included.

Record indicates that the Federation wishes to exercise the clause and proposes to cancel the indicated amount through a staggered payment. Due to the good relationship between the technician and Jesurún, that detail would not be inconvenient to reach a consensus.

Queiroz in Colombia

The Portuguese strategist began his adventure with the coffee growers in February 2019. The coach led a total of 18 matches: 10 friendlies, four in the Copa América and four in the Qualifiers, heading to Qatar 2022.

Queiroz he won nine, tied five and lost four with Colombia. However, the results of the recent qualifying round sentenced the Portuguese fate because they lost at home to Uruguay 3-0 and were beaten 6-1 in Ecuador.



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