Colombia must pay $ 6.2 million for the murder of the 11 deputies of the Valley

The 11 deputies from the department of Valle del Cauca were kidnapped in 2002 and murdered five years later by the then FARC guerrilla.


07:10 PM / 15/09/2020

The Council of State of Colombia condemned the nation to pay 23,000 million pesos (about 6.2 million dollars) to the relatives of the 11 deputies of the Valle del Cauca department who were kidnapped in 2002 and killed five years later by the then FARC guerrilla.

The highest administrative court of Colombia ordered the payment of this sum to the members of the process and “to those who are subsequently integrated within the legal opportunity.”

With this decision, the Council of State reversed a decision of the Valle del Cauca Administrative Court that had denied compensation to the next of kin and considered that the Nation, through the Ministry of Defense and the Police, has responsibility for the kidnapping of the public workers.

In April 2002, the FARC kidnapped 12 deputies of the Valle del Cauca Departmental Assembly who were held captive for five years, until June 2007 when they were assassinated by the guerrillas and of the twelve only one, Sigifredo López, survived.

Decisions of the Council of State

The Council of State ordered the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and the Director of the Police, General Óscar Atehortúa, to carry out “a public act of acceptance of responsibility, request for an apology and recognition of the memory of the 11 deputies” murdered in the vereda (village) of San José de Tapaje, in the department of Nariño (bordering Ecuador).

It also determined “the construction, by the defendant entities, of a commemorative monument in the Departmental Assembly of Valle del Cauca to preserve the objective dimension of the seriously injured rights and to show the firm will of the State that what happened will not happen again. repeat”.

Likewise, the Police and the Ministry of Defense must carry out training campaigns in all “military commands, battalions, units, and patrols in matters of military and police procedures according to conventional and constitutional standards.”

Farc Party asks for forgiveness

Before the decision was known, the Partido Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común (Farx) party, which emerged from the demobilization of the guerrillas, asked for “public forgiveness” from the victims and relatives of the people it kidnapped and assured that they regret the pain caused.

“Today, September 14, 2020, meeting those of us who make up the former Secretariat of the Farc-EP and those who signed the peace agreement in 2016, we are here to, from the depths of our hearts, ask public forgiveness of all our victims of kidnapping and their families, “says a statement signed by eight former members of the FARC secretariat, among them Rodrigo Londoño, its last boss.

The document bears the signatures of the current senator for the Farc Julián Gallo, in addition to those of Jaime Alberto Parra, Pastor Lisandro Alape Lascarro, Pablo Catatumbo Torres, Milton de Jesús Toncel Redondo, Juan Emilio Cabrera and Rodrigo Granda.

The signatories indicated that they understand the pain caused to the families “who lived through hell waiting to hear from their loved ones, imagining whether they would be healthy and under what conditions they would be subjected to continue life.”

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