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The era of Carlos Queiroz in the technical direction of the Colombia National Team is about to come to an end, as a consequence of the crisis unleashed by the defeats against Uruguay and Ecuador in the World Cup qualifier in Qatar.

Although the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) has not confirmed his departure, everything indicates that it has already been agreed and that details about his separation are missing. Meanwhile, the player James Rodriguez and the FCF denied the versions of alleged fights in the team’s dressing room.

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The future of the national coach of Colombia is the subject that occupies the agenda of the directors of the Federation since the match ended in Quito, with the 6-1 win. The leaders, for the moment, have not wanted to confirm that the decision on Queiroz is defined, but all roads lead to that it will be.

This Thursday, the Record medium of Portugal, very close to the coach’s environment, reported that the coach’s departure was “imminent”, reporting that the compensation figure is 2 million dollars, as a clause that would have been defined in the contract. He adds that now what is being negotiated is the Federation’s payment plan, which in this case breaks the link.

“Carlos Queiroz is serene and leaves with a totally clear conscience”, says the Portuguese medium. He adds that Ramón Jesurún himself, president of the FCF, has already communicated the decision to the coach.

From the surroundings of Queiroz they told EL TIEMPO that this version was born in Portugal as a repercussion of what has been said in the last hours in Colombia. However, journalists from that Portuguese medium stated on the Blu Radio station that their information is confirmed and that the officialization of the FCF will not take long to take place.

EL TIEMPO consulted with Federation sources, who did not confirm the version. The only thing they take for sure is that the decision has not been made. One of them, very influential in the executive committee, said that they are analyzing the issue calmly so as not to make a hot decision and avoid that the “remedy is worse than the disease.” Indicates that it analyzes its position to issue a concept.

And now who?

The very safe departure of Queiroz opens the range of possible coaches to take office, many have already started to sound in the media and on social networks. EL TIEMPO learned that the FCF has thought about Hernán Darío ‘Bolillo’ Gómez, but they analyze that its mere name generates resistance in the country. There is also the case of Reinaldo Rueda, which is currently linked to Chile.

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None of those consulted mentioned Juan Carlos Osorio, that it was one of those that was in the folder before the arrival of Queiroz and that recently left Nacional. Meanwhile, From Argentina, the name of Miguel Ángel Russo began to sound in the media, Boca Juniors coach and who directed Millonarios. Russo, however, has a current contract with the xeneize team.

In this scenario of names that come and go, one that reappears on the scene and with force is that of José Pékerman, the same one that led Colombia to the World Cups in Brazil and Russia and which enjoys wide favor in public opinion, although his departure from the National Team was not on the best terms.

Pékerman, as this newspaper learned, has had recent offers from the national teams of Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile, each time they changed their coach. Now that Rueda is on the line, Chilean media are pointing to his name.

They deny the fight

After the debacle in the game against Ecuador and with all the versions that have arisen about alleged physical confrontations between players of the National Team in the dressing room, James, one of those mentioned, spoke out and who was said in some information that he had fought with Lerma, and in others, with Muriel.

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“I disclaim all kinds of alleged information alluding to mistreatment, aggression, disputes or all kinds of controversy raised between players and in which I am mentioned as the protagonist”, says James, who adds that he will proceed in law where necessary.

The FCF also ruled rejecting these versions and assuring that in the 12 days of concentration there was an “atmosphere of cordiality”.


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