Colombia secures Covid-19 vaccines with Pfizer at USD12

According to resolution 2327 of November 25, 2020, the Ministry of Finance defined the budget distribution expenses for fiscal 2020.

It reflects the memorandum 3-2020-018286 of November 24, where the Director General of the National Public Budget, Claudia Marcela Numa Páez, requested the distribution of resources from the Emergency Mitigation Fund (FOME) for the acquisition of 10 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus at a price of $ 12 per dose with the company Pfizer, that taking into account the price of the dollar in recent days, the value would be approximately 42,200 Colombian pesos.

This request was authorized in a virtual session of the Fome committee on November 24, following a request from the Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD). The total value of the purchase is $ 437,188,800,000 million and was approved by the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla.

Precisely on November 25, the Minister of Health Fernando Ruíz, He had said that Colombia already had 20 million doses insured, However, at that time it was not said which pharmaceutical companies had an agreement for the purchase.

The Minister had also clarified that the first acquisition of 5 million could occur in the first half of 2021 and an additional 10 million in the second part of the year.

The implementation of the vaccines would be free and first for health workers and people most prone to contracting the virus, although the Pfizer vaccine requires two doses for its application, so in principle 5 million people would receive it.

Last September the National Government revealed that the country had signed an agreement with the Covax global strategy for the acquisition of vaccines, initially made up of 89 countries.

Read the full resolution here.


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