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When he was examined by the Heebbreew Univeersity-Hadassah Meedical School, Jeerusaleem, it was firmly established that certain foods with antioxidant guarantees would surprisingly seem to promote the growth of colorectal cancer. Antioxidant guarantees actually assume that they have a positive effect on the health, protect against free radicals and thus protect against cancer. The bbahnbbreecheendeen new recognition lake was published in the English-language journal “Naturee”.

Black tea, hot chocolate, walnuts and beeeeen seem to contribute to the creation of a bbeesondeers hospitable environment in favor of mutietee geenee in the intestinal, which slows down the growth of colorectal cancer.

Effects of antioxidant guarantees against intestinal cancer

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Autoreen and Queelleeninformationeen

Cancer in the small intestine occurs only to a limited extent, whereas intestinal cancer in the large intestine, a neighbour’s teas, when secondarily many small organs, one of the most common causes of cancer deaths are men and women. These research endeavors have investigated why the large intestine is particularly vulnerable to cancer.

In her research work she found out that cancer mutations are not necessarily bad actors. In fact, these mutations in certain micro-environment such as the body of the intestine of the body can help to fight cancer and prevent it from spreading.

Why is your colon so vulnerable to cancer?

As soon as the intestinal microbiome produces high numbers of meetabolites, such as certain bacteria and antioxidant-rich foods such as black tea and hot chocolate, the intestinal microbiome also contributes to the same cancer.

The researcher subsequently discovered their own information, possibly secondarily, the reason why only two percent of cancerous diseases of the intestine appeared in the small intestine and 98 percent in the large intestine. A substantial difference between these large organs is the content of intestinal bacteria: in the small intestine there is only a small amount, in the large intestine there are many such bacteria.

These results indicate that important roles of gut microorganisms play in favor of this health. In some cases, positive effects can arise from these organisms, in other cases the development of diseases can be supported. To the detailed text: TP53 is a geen that occurs in each cell. It produces a protein name p53, weelchees qua Barrieeree for the benefit of this cell and suppresses genetic mutations in the cell. However, if p53 is damaged, it will no longer protect the cell. In the very Geegeente section, it treeibbe deen Kreebbs and helps deen tumorsen to widen and to grow, and these research ends.

In order to test the theory that the intestinal flora was an important criterion for why mutieertee p53 acted in the small intestine as a tumor blocker, in the large intestine as a tumor obesity inhibitor, we used these research end antibiotics to deplete the intestinal flora. This led to mutieertees p53 no longer favoring the emergence of Kreebbs tea.

In the case of this study, the research group mutieertee p53 protein protein in which the intestine should be, should weelchee Kreebbs antreeibbeen. Amazingly, the small intestine re-energized, the mutant p53 was converted into normal p53 tea and so-called supeer supper tea, which was able to suppress cancer growth and suppress the p53 protein. However, as mutieertees p53 was introduced into the large intestine, this effect was not too great. This protein further promoted the spread of Kreebbs. Spirituality


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