Colonel Uccle: A Culinary Delight in Brussels with Fine Meats and Affordable Prices

2023-09-30 04:53:44

Colonel, these are two restaurants: one at the gates of the city center of Brussels, a stone’s throw from the start of Avenue Louise, and a second, opened a few years ago, further south of the city, where Uccle almost blends into the Soignes forest. Colonel has built his reputation on meat, particularly the famous, very expensive matured meats, or the rare ones like wagyu. We will see that if the luxury of the kitchen is still present, the restaurant also offers quality offerings at much more reasonable prices.

In video, tips for successfully cooking meat on the barbecue:

The setting of Colonel Uccle has style, modern and neat decor, the terrace is superb and well ventilated, this end of summer under tropical temperatures made it one of our best evenings in September. As an aperitif, a Vermouth del Professore (one of my favorites, €7), a non-alcoholic Virgin Spritz (€10), pleasant, in the standard of good non-alcoholic cocktails which we are delighted to see are increasingly available. more numerous on the maps. One of the “markers” of the two Colonels is the “butcher shop style” stall, where you can choose, by weight, more or less matured meat from different origins. This is where things get bad (but rightly so) in terms of wallet, because often it is precisely the choice that makes the bill rise. Having succumbed to it several times, however, I have never regretted the Simmental, the Rubia Gallega, or even the wagyu!

On the plate

That evening, in birthday mode, there were four of us, and we picked from the meat options on the menu, without getting up from our seats to go to the butcher’s corner, even though Florence was almost in “I’m going to get myself” mode. a rib to the bone just for me.” “Prime” entrecôte (€42 for 300 g) for me, shallot flank steak (€38) for Florence, and our two co-eaters taking who, a wagyu beef in a 200 g version (there, it’s starting to sting, the product is expensive, €40 for 100 g) which, a “Colonel Selection” steak, costs €32. Note that in this Uccle version of Colonel, we also offer rotisserie dishes, including a roast chicken for €44 for 2 people or a vol-au-vent for €28.

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At the entrance level, just to keep a little appetite under our feet, we have fun with a board of “heritage” Belgian charcuterie (€32), very copious and loaded with Ardennes ham, ham cooked bone, veal sausage, pressed head, all with Ghent Tierenteyn mustard. Clearly, this evening, we are going to do “meat on meat”, it doesn’t matter, we will make cucumber juice tomorrow. The heritage board doesn’t necessarily tell you who it was inherited from (we would like, as some restaurateurs do, to know the producers), but the charcuterie is really quality. We enjoy ourselves and we almost have too much to eat, knowing that the meats will arrive. This board is available for four, and that is more than enough. To wash it all down, we indulge in a Faugères Léon Barral (€58, reasonable coefficient) chosen by one of the guests, fond of this wine from the south, yet fruity and round.

So, these meats?

First of all, it’s good, the additional cooking is respected, the taste of each one, from the “simple” steak to the wagyu shows the quality of the selection, which is here a real “playlist”. Here we find a choice of excellent pieces and we also leave it to the customer to choose from this wide offer. When you get involved in bogus experience, there are a lot of codes to respect. The plate must be hot, the sauces too, the garnishes must arrive at the right time, and it must send both the “big” piece and the famous garnishes, an outdated word if ever there was one.

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The Béarnaise is firm and soft as we like it. The fries, probably a “pre-cut fresh” version, are more than decent, and even very good for Florence. Where things get stuck is with the vegetables. A nice variety of seasonal vegetables, nicely dressed, colors, but… no taste. One of the eaters will finish them “because I have to reach my quota of vegetables”, but for my part I will have difficulty, they are so bland from being cooked in water or steamed without seasoning. Contrary to what one of the characters in Asterix says: no, boiling water does not necessarily give “an exquisite taste to everything”. That said, the overall experience is really excellent, we enjoy finishing the meat, the sauces, the fries (fries, fries, fries!).

A dessert ? Yes, a completely nasty kind of snickers, in the very good sense of the word. The service ? Kind, even attentive and attentive (we will hear the table next to us complaining about the price of a whiskey not advertised as being particularly expensive, and the waiter immediately making a commercial gesture), even if sometimes a little … familiar ; However, it takes more to scare Florence and me.

So yes, we liked this Colonel-Uccle, who knows how to make himself accessible if you just want a good entrecôte, who knows how to offer butchery luxury, on the days you want it, in a classic and reassuring setting. , in short, a pleasure address where high standards are very rarely found wanting.

The address? Colonel Fort Jaco, 1405 Chaussée de Waterloo, 1180 Uccle, open Tuesday to Sunday.

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