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– More and more culinary dishes are getting into public debate because of their name. The accusation: racism. Regardless of whether it’s Mohrenkopf, Gypsy sauce or curry, many names are no longer up-to-date and have to be reconsidered and changed if necessary. Now it’s about the Hawaiian pizza.

More and more terms for dishes are coming into the critical focus. Opinions have always been divided about Hawaiian pizza, some love it, others hate it, and experts in Italian cuisine have long been a horror.

Now the “specialty” with pineapple and ham is being criticized for its name, just as it has already hit many other dishes. Such as the gypsy schnitzel, for example, which was rightly banned.

The “Linke PoC” calls for people not to order a Hawaiian pizza, but instead a pizza with pineapple.
© Linke PoC / @ Facebook

“Hawaiian pizza is indeed problematic”

But what exactly is the background of Pizza Hawaii and why is the name now being criticized?

The group “Linke PoC / Migrantifa” from Zurich called on Facebook to order a pizza with pineapple instead of a Hawaiian pizza. “The Hawaiian pizza is actually problematic: not because it violates Italian customs, but because it is linked to a history of colonialism and appropriation.”

Historical background

The Hawaiian Islands were annexed by the USA by war in 1898, and the pineapple was essential for the colonization process. The fruit was introduced in the 19th century and formed the main part of the plantation economy. The Hawaiian population was forced and exploited to grow pineapples by white settlers.

The Hawaiian pizza was developed in the 1950s from a concept by a German television chef. The name should give the pizza an exotic touch, but has nothing to do with Hawaiian cuisine or the culture.

“Lots of colonial stereotypes”

The Hawaiian pizza is not explicitly racist, but the name shows “a lot of colonial stereotypes”, according to the group “Left PoC / Migrantifa”.

The recommendation: “Order a pizza with pineapple if you like pineapple on pizza.”

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