Colors of the homeland | It is not the first time .. “Samsung” mocks the “iPhone 13” phone

After Apple announced its new phone, the iPhone 13, its competitor, Samsung, mocked two attributes, namely, keeping the “notch” of the top camera, and another recipe, which is a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

This was through the official account of “Samsung” company, and they sent a message to the followers, saying: “Imagine that it still retains the bump of the top camera in 2021.” Full view, thanks to the camera technology at the bottom of the phone screen.

Those tweets, which were published by “Samsung”, were on the same day that “Apple” announced its new phone, and it is indicated that “Samsung” was not the first time that it mocked “Apple”, but rather last year from iPhone 12 phone Last year, due to the lack of a charger in the phone box, unlike the rest of the other phones, according to what was stated in the newspaper “Al Bayan”.

Apple announces its new phone

On Tuesday, Apple announced a new model with a larger battery under the name “iPhone 13 Pro”, and another phone called “iPhone 13 Pro Max”, and the biggest advantage between the traditional “iPhone” and “Pro” versions is that The latter has three rear cameras, and as for the traditional models, Apple said that the “iPhone 13” will have a smaller place for the front camera at the top of the screen.

iPhone 13 price

And Apple has set a price «iPhone 13 mini»Which amounts to 699 dollars, while the price of the “iPhone 13” came at 799 dollars, which are the same prices as last year.


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