Colors of the homeland | surface duo 2 specifications and price.. here are all the details

The specifications and price of the surface duo 2, one of the technological topics that have attracted the attention and search of the public through Google during the past hours, after Microsoft announced its intention to launch its new two-screen phone after introducing a series of new updates to it.

surface duo 2 مواصفات specs and price

And about the specifications of the surface duo 2, windows centra confirmed that the phone The dual screen is scheduled to include support for fifth generation networks and a more powerful processor than previous phone series, as well as a higher quality camera.

The surface duo 2, due to be launched this year 2021, is scheduled to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

The Surface Duo 2 will also have some special features, including NFC, which provides wireless communication with another electronic device upon contact, as well as a more distinctive look with thin bezels and bezels.

Basically, the Surface Duo phones have a screen size of 5.6 inches, and when opened, the screen size is 8.3 inches, and according to the leaks, the Surface Duo 2 is expected to be announced this September, according to the leaks published on the windows centra website.

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The Surface Duo 2 is said to ship with the latest flagship for 2021, which means it will have a Snapdragon 888 SoC with 5G capabilities, as well as an external camera system with a bumper for better shooting, slightly larger screens with rounded corners, and slightly thinner bezels.

The overall shape and size of the Surface Duo is expected to remain similar to the first Surface Duo.

سعر surface duo 2

There is no word on the cost of the Surface Duo 2, but given that it will ship with the latest specs and many features, some expect it to cost more than the first-generation Surface Duo, which started at $1,399.


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