Colors of the homeland | The appearance of the planet “Pluto” in the sky of Cairo .. “brightened by the light of the sun”

The National Institute for Astronomical Research announced the emergence of the planet “Pluto”, and explained that it met the sun, which made it visible throughout the night, and it was completely shining with sunlight, and the Cairo sky witnessed it on Monday at nine and five minutes, and the planet Pulto means in Latin “the planet of death”, according to the website Arabic.

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, professor of astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, confirmed that the planet Pluto appeared between nine and five minutes in the evening and until three and four minutes from dawn on Monday, when it drops to less than 21 degrees above the southwestern horizon.

The emergence of the planet “Pluto”

The professor of astronomy also stressed that it is possible to observe any astronomical phenomenon, such as the conjunctions of the moon with the stars and planets, or the birth of the crescents of the Arab months. on the earth.

Name the planet “Pluto”

Scientists have been confused in naming the planet “Pluto”, and there are many options in naming it, starting with its discovery at the “Lowell” Observatory, and the name “Pluto” was the suggestion of a 12-year-old British girl who is interested in learning about Roman myths, and the word “Pluto” also means the world. The lower or the god “Pluto”, which means in Greek the word “Hades”.

Discovering Pluto for the first time

The planet was first discovered in 1930, by Clyde Tombaugh, in the US state of Arizona, and some considered Pluto to be a moon of Neptune, the last planet of the solar system.

It is worth noting that the planet “Pluto” is far from Earth even in its closest approach, and therefore it appears to be nothing more than a bright star-like point seen by a telescope.


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