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France 2

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B.Delombre, D.Olliéric, B.Vignais C.Kenck, L.Feuillebois

France 2

France Televisions

While the bombardments multiply in Kharkiv (Ukraine), the second largest city in the country, civilians take up arms to defend their territory. Volunteers, they are ready to do anything to repel the enemy.

For the fifth day in a row, Monday February 28, the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine) is under intense bombardment. Volunteers are determined to defend the country’s second city. On Sunday, they repelled the Russians. To achieve this, the civil defense is organized. Mismatched uniforms and rudimentary equipment, difficult not to recognize them. Like this small business owner: “I have my shotgun, I can hit my target at 100m.”

Standing next to him, a young agricultural engineer explains that “The day the Russians attacked, we got organized and we set up these roadblocks”. A single objective: “arrest his Russian saboteurs!” and, to do so, anything is good to wrestle, including handcrafted molotov cocktails. And, if necessary, those who have no weapons explain that they will use their fists. In the meantime, the civilians are digging deep trenches with the help of machines to delay the advance of the Russian tanks.

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