Combat sports come together to fight the crisis

Judo, kickoboxing and muay thai, fencing, taekwondo, karate, wrestling and boxing are the seven sports that, grouped in their different federations, have come together to form the Union of Spanish Combat Sports Federations with the aim of “promoting” their disciplines, have “more visibility and face common challenges”.

Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), highlighted the importance of this union that has leaders who have “started from scratch, with white belts and have walked the path from teachers putting mats and they know what is competition pain ”

“Hopefully, with a view to the Tokyo Games, this union will go with very strong options to achieve extraordinary results. Thanks to the work of all those provincial clubs, great champions will emerge,” he confessed.

Antonio Moreno, president of the Royal Spanish Karate Federation, highlighted the “great future” of this union that will make them “seek solutions” to the challenges that the future will pose.

“This union comes because there are more things that unite us than those that disunite us. We must all work together to improve in the same direction,” confessed Felipe Martínez, president of the Spanish Boxing Federation.

Francisco Javier Iglesias, maximum leader of the Spanish Federation of Olympic Struggles, was “happy” for this union with which they will be able to “force before institutions and media, share strategies and fight together to protect the clubs”.

Marco Rioja, president of the Spanish Fencing Federation, also spoke in this regard, stressing that “if a sports confederation makes sense, it is combat sports.”

“These sports have many things in common such as their values ​​or a similar idiosyncrasy. These sports are almost a philosophy of life and because of their own dangerousness imply a special education in values ​​and respect for the rival and rules,” he confessed.

“We have synergies and common problems and we want to offer guarantees in the quality of our services. All sports together are attractive and we will be a single voice to make ourselves heard,” he said.

Jesús Castellano, president of the Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation, revealed that the intention to make this union “comes from a couple of years ago”.

“We have seen many points in common and I think we have a great job ahead because we have almost 4,000 clubs together,” he said.

Juan Carlos Barcos, president of the Spanish Judo Federation, recognized that with this union there is “illusion”, but also “responsibility and prudence”. “We are already eager to restart our activities, although we have an additional risk from contact,” he confessed.

Jesús Eguia, president of the Spanish Federation of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, assured that with this union they want to protect the clubs, which are made up of “SMEs, athletes and technicians”

“These combat sports transmit added values ​​that are important,” confessed Eguia, who highlighted as lines to be followed in the short term those of “being able to influence a new Sports and Professions Law, fight against intrusion, hold a Gala with all the federations and supporting the clubs at the difficult time this crisis will leave. ” .

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