Combined vaccination against corona and flu is coming – coronavirus

The US company Novavax is developing a combination vaccine against corona and flu. According to the company, corresponding tests on humans are already running.

The corona vaccination could become an annual corona flu vaccination. The Novavax company is working on a vaccine that will vaccinate against corona as well as against the flu. According to the ORF, “positive” results were obtained in animal experiments. The hamsters and ferrets vaccinated with “NVX-CoV2373” and “Nanoflu” had antibodies against both flu and corona viruses, according to the company.

“Important future instrument”

Series of tests with humans are already running, but still in separate clinical studies. However, they have not yet been approved. According to Novavax’s head of research and development, Gregory Glenn, the reason for the development is that influenza cases have declined in the corona pandemic, but the flu continues to pose a major health risk. The combination vaccine is an “important future instrument in the long-term struggle”.

Promising results

The corona vaccine of the combined vaccination has already been tested by a laboratory in Great Britain – with promising results. It was said to be one hundred percent effective against severe corona disease. In the case of mild courses, there is around 96 percent effectiveness. However, the protection against diseases caused by the South African corona mutation is significantly lower.

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