Come on, let’s get moving! Our guide to getting back in shape

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January is coming to an end, but it’s certainly not too late to start exercising! According to a survey carried out by Odoxa for Keneo and RTL, 43% of French people have also resolved to do more sport in 2022. On the list of their desires: hiking or Nordic walking (42%), bodybuilding and fitness (23%), running (20%) and swimming (20%).

But what can push the French to put on their sports shoes? Also according to the Odoxa survey, 65% of people questioned believe that practicing sport will allow them to stay in good health, while nearly one in two French people aims to improve their physical condition. Another motivating factor, not negligible a few days after the holidays, weight loss for 36% of those questioned.

The health crisis has made the French want to put the sneakers back on

If outdoor practice is the most widespread, successive confinements have popularized sport at home. The health crisis has made the French want to practice physical activity, it has also accentuated the sedentary lifestyle. The study, this time conducted by the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics (FFEPGV), among the inhabitants of the Hauts-de-France region, is alarming: 67% of respondents say they have a more sedentary lifestyle than before the crisis. A sedentary lifestyle that affects general fitness (61%), physical well-being (58%) and psychological well-being (56%).

The FFEPGV, which aims “to organize physical and sporting activities, oriented towards leisure and well-being”, offers a whole range of exercises and innovates with, for example, the dynamic Bungy-pump walk (with sticks), fitball (with soft balls) or Energy boxing (

The more traditional sports federations are not to be outdone by offering activities combining fitness and more traditional disciplines such as handball, volleyball or fencing. You can also practice sport in a room, alone, as a couple, with your children or with colleagues. You don’t really have any excuse not to (again) get started!

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