‘Comedian sales’ 250 billion planned real estate fraud ‘Hallyu star also suffered’

[이데일리 정시내 기자] It is reported that Hallyu stars, who belong to famous girl groups related to the 250 billion won planned real estate fraud case, also suffered damage.

In particular, the police confirmed that there were 3,000 victims, and it was found that he mobilized famous comedians from KBS to induce the wealthy to invest.

According to YTN on the 28th, the representatives of four affiliates of Company A, a planning real estate company, were scammed under the Specific Economic Crimes Act, which caused damage of 250 billion won by selling biotope grade 1 land, which is an ‘absolute conservation area’ as a habitat for wild animals and plants in the city, as if it was planned for development. and violating the Agricultural Land Act.

photo = YTN

This land owned by Hallyu star A, who belongs to a famous girl group, is a designated forest that cannot be used except for military or public facilities. It is located at the entrance of the mountain, and it is several hundred meters away from the planned site of the expressway, and it is virtually impossible to develop it because it is tied as a ‘conservation mountain area’ according to the Forest Conservation Act. Person A purchased this land from a large planned real estate company in 2019. After purchasing the company for 400 million won, it was sold again for 1.1 billion won to Mr. A in just three months.

A former employee of the Planning Real Estate Group said, “The employee in the department next to me is an acquaintance of Mr. A’s father, so I know that Mr. A’s father heard it from the employee and bought it under Mr. A’s name.”

The police believe that the planning real estate group split the land that could not be developed into small pieces and sold it to about 3,000 people as if there was undisclosed development information.

In the 20-year tradition, he has avoided suspicion by doing TV commercials, and he attracted wealthy investors by putting up a famous comedian from KBS as a salesperson.

A victim of the Planning Real Estate Group said, “(Salesperson) recommended me a lot that the president of a large corporation or popular celebrities who would know their name bought the land.”

Meanwhile, the police applied for an arrest warrant for four representatives of the affiliates, but when the court rejected it, they decided to reapply for the warrant after further investigation.


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