Comesaña breaks silence: talks about his resignation from Junior, by Teófilo Gutiérrez, Michael Rangel and more | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

Julio Comesaña resigned from Atlético Junior when least expected and has finally decided to explain his real motivations.

“My departure has nothing to do with Teófilo. I had to go, why wait until December. I am not the owner of the club, I simply said that I was anticipating my departure. There are moments when the emotional part plays an important role. One is from where he is fine, where you have friends. I had not seen the video, someone sent it to me, it gave me all pain, seeing him (Teo) saying that. You always have to help him, show him the way, you have to be strict with him, “said the coach at the Atlántico Station.

Although he insists that he did not have to do directly with the attacker, Comesaña explained that he expected an official reaction from the club to the scandal of the video in which the player appeared making negative comments and using rudeness, which in the end did not happen.

What he did want to make clear is that there will not be a tenth opportunity to direct Junior because his decision is final: “I have made mistakes, but we have to learn from that, at this point in my life I am not interested in short and strong things, I like to be challenged. If nothing comes out, calm down, I will continue preparing myself. I close my stage with Junior as coach, “he added.

Finally, the coach spoke of the controversy over the Michael Rangel case: “If Rangel has to play, the coaching staff will determine it. If he acts with Borja or Carmelo, I have a way of playing soccer and thinking differently. nothing against him. “


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