comet Neowise is observable

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It is bright and observable with the naked eye. It is the comet C / 2020 F3 which now bears the name of the space telescope which discovered it, Neowise. To see it during this month of July (since the 10th to be precise), you have to get up early.

The comet can be observed all night. However, it is easier to spot it around 1:30 a.m. before daybreak, i.e. around 4:30 a.m., report our colleagues from l’Union.

No material is essential, since its exceptional shine makes it observable with the naked eye at favorable times. However, according to the testimonies of the lucky ones who have already had the opportunity to observe it, the precision of binoculars also makes it possible to distinguish its gas tail.

You will need a clear view to be able to spot it. But let the city dwellers reassure themselves, the comet shines so much that the light pollution present on the outskirts of the cities should not prevent observation.

For those who still miss the opportunity, the site Earthsky reports that the comet should no longer be observable before 6,800 years. So, look up during the month of July.



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