Comic action martial arts MMORPG! Longtu Korea launches September update for ‘The Hot Blooded Gang’

[자료제공 : 룽투코리아]

– September update of various contents such as new memorization, new mounts, and new recruits awakening

– In addition to this update, we will continue to make additional improvements and fix bugs in the game.

Longtu Korea announced on the 17th that the mobile MMORPG (multiple access role-playing game) ‘Passionate’ has been updated on the 17th.

In this update, a new memorization ‘Yinyanggyeong’ and a new mount ‘Yusin Baektaek’ have been added. In particular, the new mount ‘Yooshin Baektaek’ is stimulating users’ desire to possess it with its unique and colorful appearance.

Along with this, the awakening of the new recruit ‘Yeoui Geumgobong’ was added. Users can obtain a new appearance and a stronger recruit effect through the awakening effect.

In addition, ‘Holy Blood Gangho’ will also hold a ‘Hangawi Special Event’. Detailed event details can be found in-game, and further improvement work and user opinions are actively collected to correct errors and improvements in the game.

Released in 2017, ‘The Hot Blooded Gang’ is the first martial arts mobile MMORPG attempted in the popular cartoon ‘The Hot Blooded’ that recorded 6 million cumulative sales. and rich content that stimulates memories.

You can download and enjoy ‘Fire-Blooded Gangho’ for free through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store. For more information about the game, please visit Hot Blooded Gangho’ official cafecan be checked through


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