Comic Webtoon Review: The Quest to Chase Luke Beechel

story part

It is a romantic comedy mixed with fantasy plot. It tells the story of Bastian, who wants to marry Luke Beechel, the reason why he can find the answer himself from the beginning to the fourth. will understand this immediately when you know about it Let’s just say that the guarantee is guaranteed for early laughter only. and makes you want to follow for suredon't think deeply

character part

There is a very clear highlight. especially the main character There will be more features than many secondary characters. Let’s just give an example of the protagonist only. As for the heroine, it’s better not to tell than fear it will be a spoiler.

Bastian Distinctive features are personality, crafty, charming and handsome.Bastian

I rate 8.5/10 except for the joke 10/10 Not broken because at first the story that comes out is fun, funny, sweet, makes the story interesting as well. with funny sounds throughout the story 🤣🤣🤣 and want to follow Later on the picture It came out beautiful and good too. The characters are clearly distinguished. And finally, the length of the episode is good, not too long. It’s not too short and cuts the scene well.

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